Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Omnipresence of God and Burning Man

I believe in the omnipresence of God.
I believe God loves everyone in the world.

These two simple truths lead me to a simple conclusion, which I am hoping is correct.

If God is everywhere, and loves everyone, then He probably would like to have the people who love Him be available in most places. This certainly makes sense out of the Great Commission. He sends us everywhere to touch everyone.

I am headed to Burning Man in a month, because I believe in these values. I live in Salem, MA because I believe in these values.

On one side of this conclusion I ask myself: What are the limits to this? Are there any?
On the other side I ask myself: Has Christianity done a good job of being willing to go anywhere to love people in the same way God does?

What do you think? How would you answer these questions? What caveats are there, and in what ways have we fallen short.


Amber B said...

As a 7 year burner looking forward to going again this year, I feel like Burning Man is exactly where God wants our family. We travel and break bread in our camp with atheists, Buddhists, Wiccans and everything in between.

We spend our time with our friends, discussing the differences in our beliefs without judgment, working along side them when they need help, learning what they believe and why.

I am fascinated by the history and basis for all religions and the common threads that run through them, I want to celebrate the similarities in our beliefs and debate the differences in love and I think Burning Man is an awesome, inspiring place to do that.

Pastor Phil said...


Where will you be camping? Our camp is called the Theremaniacs, and will be part of Gigsville around 3:30 between E and G somewhere.

We've got another art installation called Theophony, and we are hoping that it will be placed somewhere near the 21 o'clock line between the Man and the Temple. Would love to meet you and yours there.

Linda Quadros said...

We haven't been as accepting of others as Christ was. We need to judge less and love more. That's where wr have gone wrong. God is love and we must not misinterpret that. God is everwhere and in everyone. We are all one. We need to remember that. Then maybe we could treat everyone they Jesus wanted us to.

scotterickson said...

read your article in CT.
love it.
i'm an artist who works on staff at a church in houston.
really inspired by what you are doing and can't wait to hear stories afterward!


Pastor Phil said...

Thanks Scott,

there will be stories. If you check out our Kickstarter page there will be updates, and stories coming from there.

Amber B said...


We camp with the Karma Chickens and will be at 7:45 and C this year. We will probably be up early if you need help setting up your installation. We are general contractors :). Will definitely come by and say hi!

Pastor Phil said...


We will start building on the 23rd. If you are arriving early, come and join us. Hoping to be done by the time people arrive on the first day. I see my typo above. We are hoping to be placed near the 12 o'clock line, not the 21 o'clock line. If not, check the Artery for the map of the art installations.

Sandi said...

I just read the Christianity Today article with great interest. It was just about 10years ago when we first heard of Burning Man - our "new" neighbors were annual participants - so we became more interested as they shared their artistic/mardi gras style and search for spirituality.

The huge impact from this exposure is just as the article addressed: Jesus is everywhere! Settling into our private cocoons is our tendency, missing out on the greater picture. Thanks for sharing your story and current blog posts.

Know that prayers are going before you.

Pastor Phil said...


Thanks for the prayers. We have had a heck of a time with some of our team. Injuries, financial problems in excess, and more.

Peace, Phil and the Theophony Team

Anonymous said...

Would love to talk with you more about how you & your team process, plan, & prepare for this as we have a similar local context we are seeking to engage. Could really use some pointers, advice, encouragements, cautions, etc, etc. Not sure what mode of connecting would be best. Realize you're preoccupied at the moment, but maybe after you return.
Following your journey...praying for you & your team.