Thursday, September 07, 2006

Superstitious Christians

Sitting at the table late tonight I discussed superstitious Christianity with Mizumi. She had just come home around midnight from her long hours as a Home Depot manager in Reading.

I believe in all the experiences of wild mysticism which are found in the Bible - prophets seeings angels and demons, miracles of healing and exorcism, dreams which come from God, and even the trance-like visions such as the Book of Revelation or Ezekiel. Yet I have to ask myself when it is that one passes over from being a practical mystic into the more dangerous realm of being a superstitious Christian kook.

I know superstitious Christian kooks, and in fact have experienced the destructive power they wield when they sit in seats of power.

I tend to believe that superstition in Christianity has some common starting points: 1) a belief in the intrinsic supernatural power of physical items, events, and/or locations, 2) an over exaggeration of the importance of circumstances, 3) a frequency of attributing supernatural sources to mundane events, or 4) an unresonable fear of people involved in occult practices.

I have seen all of these things happen in churches. Are we becoming too superstitious?

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Anonymous said...

unfortunately some of us yes. i find that christian kookiness is often found within the subject of spiritual warfare which deals with the supernatural. the thought of us being in war can confuse and stress some of us out if we don't realize that we wrestle against demons, not people, and if we don't realize that we have already won the war through Jesus and that we continue to do so when we walk in love. Pharasaical paranoia is one of the enemies greatest strongholds within the people of God. I can remember a number of experiences I had with this kind of kookiness as described in the starting points you layed out.