Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Burning Man 10 Principles Devotional Posts

Following the links below are for the whole series of devotionals on Burning Man's Ten Principles, and how they apply to Gospel principles. I am often asked, how Christians can go to Burning Man, and sometimes I am asked to describe how Burning Man represents positive aspects of life and truth despite its overall hedonistic tenor. The devotionals below represent a radical missiology with a attempt to discover imago dei within the Burner culture.

Principle #1 - Radical Inclusion
Principle #2 - Gifting
Principle #3 - Decommodification
Principle #4 - Radical self-reliance
Principle #5 - Radical self-expression
Principle #6 - Communal Effort
Principle #7 - Civic Responsibility
Principle #8 - Leaving No Trace
Principle #9 - Participation
Principle #10 - Immediacy