Saturday, May 21, 2011

The End Time Watchman and Horrible Christian Reporting

Quoted not quite right again am I, and then added to to that dilemma is the problem of people who think they are Christian reporters.

Ms. End Times from the blog The End Times has decided to make a call on what the Salem Gazette reported about our Left Behind: The Party! event. I am a universalist and a liberal "pseudo-pastor" according to this fine example of a Christian theologian and reporter.

So for the note Ms. End Times: This party is designed to be a response to poor Christian eschatology, and we have a hope of changing the term "Left Behind" into what it was meant to be - not a statement of left behind in the rapture, but remaining alive after judgment. You can read up on John Woolvaard's commentaries on that subject, and discover that even he (as one of pre-tribulational eschatology's finest scholars) sees one being left, and one taken as not referring to a rapture.

So, Elizabeth, if you would like to be like the Pharisees and accuse me of dancing while the piper pipes - go ahead. But if you like - let's talk.

I love this stuff actually. Gives me a chance to respond to bad theology. ;-)


hylander said...

Well, it's about 9 pm EST your time, are you folks still all there? Or, has judgement come upon you and/or the surrounding community? It's about 6 pm here San Diego time. So, we still have 6 hours to go. If this does not come to pass, don't forget, that Mr. Camping has his backup date of October 21, 2011. So, we all may not be out of the woods yet. hmmmm.

I remember in the late 80s, listening to some old sermons and reading some material from the beloved Chuck Smith's church, that Chuck Smith himself, came "very very very close", does this phrase sound at all familiar to anyone...(aka Mr Camping), to making a pronouncement of Jesus' second coming. Granted, he never actuallyu set a date or time, but he made very strong inference to Jesus' second coming at any moment. Of course, when the 80s decade came and went, nothing again was ever mentioned about that.

Phil, I did not know that you were a universalist, if that is in fact even true according to the article. Last time I recall you mentioning many years ago that you were a pre-trib/pre-wrath type when you pastored at Church on the Coast in Carlsbad.


Pastor Phil said...

No, never actually been pre-trib. Pre-wrath might be closer. Universalist - na, never been one. I sat in Chuck Smith's church while he said those things in 1981. Jesus was coming that year.

Darn this has got to be the 4th time I've missed the rapture since then. :-)

hylander said...

ya, that was it, pre-wrath. Reason I ask is because there was a prof at Cathedral Bible College who I think taught pre-wrath as well and was heaviy influenced, ironically, by Eldon-Ladd, an amillenialist? Weird.

Anyways, I surprised that Chuck never realy got much bad press about his Jesus coming back in the 80s claims. I recall meeting him at a Mens Breakfast at the Vista Calvary in 1989ish?, and I recall in his sermonette, that he was still talking about Jesus coming back at any time.

Well, sorry we both missed the rapture again. But, fear not, because we have another chance on the alternate judgement/rapture date Oct 21, 2011. So, we still have a chance. And, if we miss that one, we have another excuse to have another left behind party.

Speaking of party, my wife bought be a starter brew kit from midwest brewing. The package should arrive this week. Of course, I had to buy a ton of stuff that was not included in the package, ( 6 gal stock pot; bottles, filters, long stirring spoon etc.). But, I am very excited to give this a try.
My first 5 gal batch will be an Autumn Pal Ale with a nutty flavor and brambleberry citrus accents. My second 5 gal batch I will make the following week will be a Double IPA, extra hoppy. So, approximately 5 weeks from today, after the 1st and 2nd fermentation, bottling and carbonation stages, and with God's grace, I will be enjoying my very first home brew!
If it turns out well, I would like to send one to you to try. I am also going to take a stab at making some mead and stout, but I will need a couple extra buckets because the fermentation takes about 4 to 6 months.

Away we go!



hylander said...


I got the author, E.Ladd, mixed up with another. I actually found my other text, Michael Wilcox, who is the Amillenialist. E. Ladd is the historical premillenialist.

Stephen said...

Once those labels are thrown away - what is then, "left behind"? A real person maybe, separated and free from all these confusing, esoteric and practically irrelevant ideas.

Unknown said...
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hylander said...


If I did everything according to the directions correctly, then my first batch of Copper Ale ought to taste pretty good. This Saturday, I will transfer, or (rack-as they call it) into the secondary fermentor, glass carboy for another week. Then, after that, will bottle and let cure for another 2 to 3 weeks. I will probably crack open a 16 oz'r, just to check it out and see the progress of the carbination stage.

I was thinking about putting some cool home made label designs on my beer bottles, but I got to thinking about what Thorn said, and changed my mind. I will just leave the dark brown bottles blank and unlabeled so that all that is left behind is just the real smell and taste of a hopefully well brewed ale :P