Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Working alongside other minded people

Our location - The Vault - is somewhat of an experiment. We are trying to figure out how to make the place comfortable for people from every background - including religiously diverse backgrounds, and still retain our Christian integrity.

It appears to be working so far, and the little group we are is growing larger.

But now, we have Pagans, Atheists, New Agers, and Undecideds hangin' around with us and loving it. They want to get involved too. So we are rethinking what it means to do ministry, and serve people.

Could it be that some people might find God while serving God? That's a unique thought. It sure is stretching our idea of doing church, and doing "evangelism." Eugene Peterson suggested using the word hospitality instead of evangelism. I think I like that idea.

Traditionally the church has required everyone to be likeminded in order to serve together. Could it be that we have short changed God by not working side by side with other-minded people?

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