Monday, July 09, 2007

Things Look a Bit Different Around Here

Hi Friends,

Yep, there is a slightly new look to this blog. I am far too bumbling in figuring out these new things, but I finally discovered how to get three columns instead of the typical two, and I've been wanting to do that for awhile. I also figured out working with Amazon so that I can recommend books, and even make a few pennies from the process if you think the book looks like something you should buy. You know how it works - if you click through to Amazon and buy the book on that click I get credit. Then the money can be used to buy more books, or can just come to my bank account. I am sure some of you should be signing up with Amazon to try and cover your own book habits. Please note the book to the left "Wicca and the Christian Heritage." I recommend it as a quite scholarly and fine read. It is a unique perspective on the historical origins of modern Wicca written by a Methodist lady. Want to understand what's going on in Neo-Pagan circles? Then click on the box and check out the book. It's brand new and hot off the press, so you won't find any used copies around.

Let me know if this page layout is acceptable and readable to you, or if I have confused what was once a simple to read layout.

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Anonymous said...


Holy Cow! Apologies to those in India ;). But, your web page is showing on my screen as a single column with really large font. I think I like the way it was before. The font was a good size and allowed you for pictures too! I'll try it out for a while to give it a fair shot. My mouse wheel is getting a workout though :)