Monday, August 13, 2007

Greetings from the Fringe

Here we are in Edinburgh Today. I'm sitting in a pub with wireless access near High Street where the action is centered in this combination of over half a diozen festivals which occur in August. My city of Salem could learn a lot from this larger city of Edinburgh, Scotland on how to create a festival - or a series of them over month.

We are on a recon mission to see who we might crash The Fringe in the future. This is one of those locations from which someone could reach the world. Great city - great festival - tons of opportunity to present the Gospel in unique ways.


Agent B said...


I've always wanted to visit Edinburgh.

Pastor Phil said...

It's better than imagined. Someday perhaps you will.

zaque said...

I never thought this would happen, but you've been called out by self-appointed apostle, Ken Silva. The link is here:

I can't wait for a response.

Pastor Phil said...

Wow Zaque,

I'm honored to be appear on the screen of dangerous heretics. Gee, Ken is close enough to visit! That should be fun.