Monday, September 24, 2007

Synchroblog Links: Paganism and Christianity

Tomorrow: Tuesday, September 25th there is a group of us doing a Synchroblog on the topic of Paganism and Christianity. My post will be coming up next. Follow the links below read what others have to say on the subject.

Belief and Being at Square No More
Matthew Stone at Journeys in Between
Christianity, Paganism, and Literature at Notes from the Underground
John Smulo at
Heathens and Pagans and Witches ... oh my! at Calacirian
Sam Norton at Elizaphanian
Erin Word at Decompressing Faith
Chasing the Wild Goose at Eternal Echoes
Visigoths Ahoy! at Mike's Musings
Steve Hollinghurst at On Earth as in Heaven
Undefined Desire at Igneous Quill
A Walk on the Wild Side at Out of the Cocoon
Observations on Magic in Western Religion at My Contemplations
Tim Abbott at Tim Abbott
Spirituality and the Zodiac: Stories in the Cosmos at Be the Revolution
Rejection, Redemption, and Roots at One Hand Clapping


Kay said...

I'm excited to read this synchroblog as I've been both an active pagan and Christian. Actually I'm in the "learning with a mentor" phase of conversion right now. :)

Anonymous said...

Synchroblog? This is a new term to me, though it strikes me as identical in concept to the various "carnivals of bloggers" I've seen elsewhere.

At any rate, this should provide me with some very interesting reading.

Anonymous said...

Hi John
There were a few others who had asked to join in the earlier post; myself, Tim Victor and Sea Raven - did you get our requests?

Anonymous said...

oops sorry wrong month - I meant for October.