Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Get John Smulo to Off-the-Map

John and I are supposed to teach together at the Off-the-Map conference. Well word out is he needs help to get there. Wanna Help? Check out the help call, and see if you have a few bucks to help.


Helen said...

Thanks for posting about this, Phil! I do hope your workshop co-presenter makes it. I'm thinking I should have stressed to all non-attendees - how will they stay connected with what's going on at the event if our live blogger doesn't make it?

Btw did you know we lost our hyphens (they were only in the URL anyway)? Earlier this year we were able to buy the URL we always wanted and now we're Off The Map at http://offthemap.com/ rather than at offHYPHENtheHYPHENmapDOTorg.

(We're still transitioning URLs but a month ago we put a brand new updated site at offthemap.com - check it out)

I'm looking forward to meeting you in a few days! I hope you'll like me even though I'm not a witch :)

Pastor Phil said...

I know the hyphenated last name syndrome disappeared from Off the Map. It's just a habit I guess. See you in two.

Helen said...

No problem...see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this my friend.