Monday, September 01, 2008

As the Politics Continue

Sarah Palin's unmarried 17 year old daughter is having a baby. Barrack Obama even says that the issue is "off limits," and a private family matter.

What do you think about either of these points?


Anonymous said...

I think we shouldn't even be talking about it.

Whether or not women decide to have babies is not a public decision; it's a private decision made between the women, their partners and their doctors ... period. Every woman who gets pregnant does so in a context and milieu which can only be understood by her and her family.

I think it is sad that Sarah's decision to run for VP has put her whole family under such scrutiny. My guess is that none of them have lived lives that will withstand it. None of us have. Jesus Himself couldn't run for political office in this country without getting smeared in the press. Can you see the headlines?

Bruce said...

Makes me admire her even more.
Carry her own Downs child. Check.
Loves and embraces her pregnant Christian daughter and the baby, and the relationship. Check.
Grace under pressure. Check.

What's not to love?

g13 said...

i don't think it's a very interesting story.

i also don't have a lot of sympathy for conservative christians when their public pronouncements about morality double back on them. you reap what you sow.

Pastor Phil said...


I'm with you, but I realize that we will be talking about it. I suppose the thing is to do so redemptively.

Pastor Phil said...


I'm tracking with you. I do think that she shows that she is living out her morality redemptively. The pregnancy story shows forgiveness and positive choices being made on the tail of poor ones. The Downs baby is redemption itself in a complete manner. Or so methinks.

Pastor Phil said...

Hey G-man,

But don't you think that your second point makes it a story with legs (though not a good or helpful one), and therefore invalidates your first point?

Just my quick observation. ;-)

Steve Hayes said...

For myself, I'd be far more interested in her policies.

Pastor Phil said...


I am as you would be.