Sunday, November 23, 2008

Phil's Latest Crazy Ideas - Mummers and Polar Bear Plunge for Wales

Okay, I'm at it again. I am creating weird ideas, and the ideas seem to have legs. Here's my first crazy idea: A Mummers' Festival in Downtown Salem. Yep that's right you read it correctly - a Mummers' Festival. No, not a Hummers' Festival. This is not about overly adrenalized SUVs or people who sing without opening their mouths. This is about Mummers.

Now to me an idea has legs when it starts running on its own. Well, that is happening right now with the Mummers' Festival. December 14th is the day, and it will happen in downtown Salem - cool thing is that it will take very little work for our church, be lots of fun, and benefit the downtown business community in Salem - which could use the blessing.

The Paper Bag Mummers" led by Lynn Noel will be a big part of making this happen.

My other project is called Dunkin' with David. It is an attempt to get 100 people to go into the frigid New England waters with on Saint David's Day, Sunday March 1st, 2009. This is all about getting some much deserved press for the nation of Wales, and their patron Saint - St. David.

Are you up for the plunge? Are you a celtophile who would like to start your neighborhood David Dunk?


john heasley said...

What is a mummer? And as for the Welsh... well I suppose it is about being there for everyone.

Pastor Phil said...

Hey John,

Just follow the link on the post to find out about Mummers.

Yeah, it's about being there for everyone, and maybe joining a Welsh Independence Group. ;-)

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH the mummer idea is AWESOME I wish wish wish wish i was there so I could help. sigh... if wishes were horses beggars would ride.

Live long and Prosper