Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Faith and Ethnicity SynchroBlog List

Tuesday Barrack Obama will be inaugurated as President. Tensions run high in the Middle East. I will be beginning a part time temporary position as "Intern on Wales" (a PR position) for the British Consulate in Boston. Each of the things have something in common. There is an element of ethnicity which comes to play in them. This month's SynchroBlog offering is on the subject of Faith and Ethnicity. Below are the offerings which have been presented thus far.

May you grow in thought and develop in deepening concern as you read. Please leave a response in the comment section for the author of those posts you enjoy. Well, heck leve a comment with the one's that make you mad too. That would be fun!

For my post I am sending you to one of my other blog sites. So, click the first line below to go to The Why Man, and read my offering. You can return here to navigate back to the others. Have fun and be challenged.

Phil Wyman (That's me) on Seeing the Middle East from a Jewish Perspective
Joshua Jinno the Antechurch
Raffi Shahinian on Faith and Ethnicity: A True Story
Susan Barnes on Just a God of the West
K.W. Leslie on Why I went to an all-white church
Adam Gonnerman on Multicultural experience (and inexperience)
Matt Stone on Is the church ready for a multiethnic future?
Beth Patterson on Viva la particularities
Steve Hayes on Christianity and ethnicity"
Matthew Snyder asks What's Your Nation?
Jeff Goins on Gypsies in Spain

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