Monday, March 16, 2009

Saint Patrick was a Welshman!

That's right - it's true, and to commemorate this fact I have written a song about it. Evan Hansen helped me with the lyrics.

If you are part of the Boston Welsh gang, hopefully we will see you at McGann's Pub in Boston for the Ireland-Wales match on the 21st.

Saint Patrick was a Welshman

Young Patrick was a Welshman you took him as a slave
His coat was green but his blood ran red as the Draig Goch (Red Dragon) that we wave
He escaped and learned his letters, returned and scared your snakes
now you have a Welshman as your blessed patron saint

Your fathers were our brothers and sons in olden days
Your maidens are our sisters, so keep your hands away!
You'll cry upon your Guinness when it comes Saint Patrick's Day
'cause Patrick was a Welshman, and he still is one today

He's looking down from heaven every time we play
Yr Iaith Nefoedd (Heaven's Language - Welsh) upon his lips at the start of every game
From kickoff at the mid-field the faithful hear him pray
Dressed in red he shouts aloud for the boys who have the Brains

And now good Christian brothers, it's just a game we play
Whether Iechyd Da or Slainte (Welsh and Irish toasts for "good health") we tip our cups today
We share our saints and ales, with heads held high we say
Patrick is an Irish Saint
Patrick is an Irish Saint
Patrick is an Irish Saint
But a Welshman to this day!

You'll cry upon your Guinness when it comes Saint Patrick's Day
'cause Patrick is an Irish Saint, but a Welshman to this day!


Anonymous said...

very cool. and what is the significance of that vault in the background?

evan said...

well done Phil! That was a fun one.

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Anon,

No significance. That is what the sanctuary of the church I pastor looks like. We have a big ol' vault.

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Evan,

Thanks for the help on that one.

Agent B said...

Good to see (and hear) you again.

Come out every once in a while, eh?

Kieran Conroy said...

Hey Phil, what time is the match again? Hope to sneak by after work. :)

cern said...

Cool stuff. :) Tis always good to hear your voice. :)



Anonymous said...

i like that!

was that a double meaning in that line mentioning heaven's language in welsh?

Pastor Phil said...

Hey B,

Been hard to find time to come out these days. Hopefully more sooner.

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Kieran,

5:30pm GMT - that should mean 1:30pm is kickoff here.

Pastor Phil said...

Hi Mike,

Hoping to make it to the Isle this year. Plans look good.

Pastor Phil said...


Of course the meaning is double, but it is also the name the Welsh use for the Welsh language - yr iaith nefoedd or heaven's language. There is actually a triple if not quadruple entendre going on here.

cern said...

Excited now! :)



Kieran Conroy said...

Cool, thanks Phil. I might be able to make that.


My birthday falls on the same day as Martin Luther King's birthday - and.....there is one HECK of story that goes with that.

I just read your blog posting about Saint Pat, did you know that I drove all the snakes outta Hawaii (It an easy job gettin' rid of something that ain't there - like native snakes in Ireland) and I used this song to do it.