Friday, June 05, 2009

How Many People Are Writing Books?

Just wondering to myself today, "How many people do I know who are writing books, and I don't realize it?"

Are you writing a book? Thinking of writing a book? Piecing materials together to write a book? Have some really good ideas for a book?

I am figuring that I am one of a million, and that there are a million people out there trying to write a book and hope to get it published just like me. Since I have over four hundred friends on Facebook and Twitter, and a pile of blog buddies I figure I should know a few people who are writing books. Maybe only about one in every 300 on facebook, but probably one out of every 3 on blogger.

What about you?


cern said...

Had it suggested several times that I should. I've got various documents that might be considered starting points stashed away too. But I've so many other things going on that I doubt I'll really get the time to complete anything. Who knows what the future may hold though. :)



Pastor Phil said...


Of course, you should be writing a book!

IZenBet said...

books shmooks.

jk. i don't intend on ever writting a book, i'm not that organized. i keep a sporatic blog and write notes on my ipod touch here and there...but my desire to write my pulp fiction style short stories has wained.

i do enjoy reading good i'll look forward to yours and your friends published lit.



Pastor Phil said...

Watch out Izzy! someone might sneak in and publish your journal scribbles someday. :-)

Matt Stone said...

I've had it suggested by another author. I've even contemplated it. But I'm not sure its my medium.

Pastor Phil said...

Matt Dude,

You could simply pull your blog material together and compile a series to dwarf the Church Fathers! I suggest it with your author friend as well.

Matt Stone said...

Ive thought about that but it doesn't quite work as blogging is so much more conversational. Some steps towards it though here:
How do you think that might work as an overall concept?

M.joshua said...

I have a raw concept that longs to come out - a load of memoirs and experiences that all show how God has formed me into a holy screwball.

I'd love to just do it...


Pastor Phil said...

Hey MJosh,

Holy screwball seems like a good title to me.

steph said...

I am. Not at this very moment (ha), but I'm going to be getting back to the fifth chapter here in about two or so hours.

it's weird, innit?

James said...

I am considering compiling a book which I would title Homosexuality: Bad Aim or Blatant Murder. Right now, it is a nearly complete essay. I will need stories of Currently/Previously practiceing homosexuals who are involved/not involved in the christian community to expand it to a book though. I also lack the requisite credentials to publish, even though I do know what I am talking about. I thought about getting a psychologist/biblical studies professor to edit and compile it though to lend me some credibility ;-D.

Likewise, I have a couple of essays that I may expand into a commentary on genesis over the span of my lifetime.