Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Pastor stirs up a Brewhaha

I am not immune to controversy. Okay that was understated. I tend to end up with it swirling around me like an F5 tornado. Well, I have added a new controversial dynamic to life.

CeltiConnect the company I started with my friend Gareth Gwyn Jones is focused on business and trade development. My particular focus is between Wales and North America, and I have just begun a three month project with a Welsh Company which has been successful in Wales, and is breaking into the US market. They have distribution set up, but now need some sales representation and help.

Enter stage left Pastor Phil. (That's me)

Now I have always been a little revolutionary in my thinking, and never one to remain silent when leaders say stupid things, or act toward others in harmful ways. I have gone out of my way to make friends with people whom the church considers untouchables, and I have ended up in strange circumstances, and infamous situations because of it.

Well, now I am marketing Welsh Ales - that's right beer. Someone is going to raise an eyebrow to that I am sure.

This is my response: I am practicing truth. Tomos Watkin makes some of my favorite Ale on earth, and it comes from the land I love the best!

But I'm not marketing right now, I'm just telling a story on my blog.

Of course you can follow the link to Tomos Watkin's site, or look for Tomos Watkin ales at your local seller of fine ales.


nate said...

It is a shame it is even point of contention/controversy, since the perfection and development of the brewing science is found in the history of the evangelistic minded monks...

...anyway, I have not tried Tomos Watkins yet...and I must!

Kieran Conroy said...

Seriously. If me Irish ancestors could rivitalize Christianity, copy the entire Western tradition safely during the Dark Ages, and still have time for a good brew, so do I. :)

Been having trouble finding when those tastings actually are tough, Phil. Is there a calender?

Pastor Phil said...


Thanks for popping in. Great blog you've got by the way. Thank Heaven indeed. Where are you located?


Pastor Phil said...

Hey Keiran,

I will be sending out the invites to the tastings, and you will certainly be receiving them.

Good News and time for a good brew don't seem at odds to me either.

Anonymous said...

I'll be looking out for those to try some.

Bruce said...

Looking forward to enjoying some.

Pastor Phil said...

Bruce and Carl,

You too (or is that You two?) have been seduced by the amber liquid.

cern said...

nate got in before me with the monastic connection to ale. It's not as if you're advocating over indulgence in consumption.



Pastor Phil said...

But I come from the evangelical tradition not the monastic. Our group has been known for temperance, which they have defined as abstinence.

Oh well, evangelical monk it is.

cern said...

And why not? :D

Geoff A. said...

There's nothing wrong with marketing beer. Some of the Roman Catholic et al monastics of Europe have been doing this for ages. In fact, I will be doing something similar once I have cultivated the right grape on my 16 acres in central Maine. Besisdes that there is nothing wrong with drinking responsibly which means people do not drink to get drunk but to enjoy the harvest and fruit of the land which God has blessed them with. One of my favorite beers is Pilsner Urquell from the Czech Republic which has very little alcohol content (very little) and is rich in flavor. In fact, if you get the real brew in the CR, you can hold it up to the light and still see some of the fine grains floating within it - the imported version is a little less pure but still OK. Go for it!!