Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another Blog?! Yep, about My One Thousand Things To Do

I have this blog, which appears to be my most visited, but of course after 314 posts over the course of a few years, this would be my most prolific blog as well. Then there is the fact that I talk about weird things like Christians as Pre-Mortem Psychopomps, or hanging out with Pagans. This is my theology, ecclesiology, missional, and maybe even catch all blog.

Then my original blog (The Why Man), which has another 200 posts (yep, exactly 200) has maybe half the visitors as this one, but was popular for the Duck Daddy Chronicles. The Why Man is my cathartic life stories blog.

Then the church has a blog, and I am one of a few contributors there. It is what it is - a church life blog.

Less used, but active as March 1st moves closer is the blog about the Patron Saint of Wales and his holyday. Saint David's Day Blog. Obviously this is a specific Welsh connection kind of blog.

Well, now I have another blog. Yep, another. It is called My 1,000 Things To Do. It is my what am I going to do with rest of my life blog. I'd love to have you poke your nose in there from time to time, and if you wanted to hit the button on the Google friend connect, or follow through NetworkedBlogs on Facebook, that's cool too.


cern said...

'Pre-Mortem psychopomp' Very good indeed! :D

I would find that listing 1000 things to do would be difficult because as soon as I'd done one, I'd find myself adding to the list. :)



Pastor Phil said...

I am sure that my list will go beyond the 1,000 someday. It will probably be typically spiritualized number.

I thought you might like the idea of Pre-Mortem Psychopomp. That's the ultimate in preventative medicine isn't it?

cern said...

More a case of helping someone find their way to the next destination a little early. :) But may prevent them getting lost on the way... save them joining the ranks of souls without a body to return to, so preventative medicine indeed. :)