Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Navigating the Wild World of Religious Experience

I will be taking a trip through the religious experience, and the thoughts and beliefs of the religions of the world.  Those which are closest to home, and your heart will be the primary foci.  Cultural issues will be discussed in the light of religion.  Yes, I am a Christian pastor, but I will be looking at other religions of the world along with Christianity.  I'd like to have you join me.


Kieran Conroy said...
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Kieran Conroy said...

Awesome Phil, count me in! You're always doing such interesting stuff. :)

Sorry I missed you guys on Sunday, had work till 9, joys of church jobs. :( Though I guess I did two last year.

Also feel like a complete dope for not making the connection sooner, though I realized this last year and meant to share -- my Welsh great-grandpa was Dewey Gowers. The name will probably be given to a child in some fashion if I have any, I never knew him but grew up to epic stories and how much I reminded my mom of him, gentle and lover of nature, though he was also a mountain of a man who was legendary for saving a runaway bus of kids by bouncing if off of snow-banks down a mountain when the breaks gave out... also driving the town racists off the family farm with a shotgun when they dared threaten them insisting on treating black migrant workers like human beings. (and in New York, proof the North was hardly a bastion of civil rights in the 1950's)

Pastor Phil said...

Great stories Kieran! I met Catherine McKenna last night. She mentioned a student who was showing her pics of Cadair Idris. Turned out to be you showing her pics I took on my climb. How funny that was!

Kieran Conroy said...

Awesome! Yes Phil, she mentioned it to me in class too. We were discussing Irish poet initiation rites, and I couldn't resist sharing. Should have figured you'd be at festivities.

Honestly, you make it to more Harvard events than I do lately. I'm jealous. :P

A little last minute, but if you're not doing anything at 4 pm today the traditional medicine man of my friend's tribe will be on campus to speak. If you want to give me a call I can give you details. Should be really special.

Pastor Phil said...

Oh darn, just got this comment now - after returning from a meeting at MIT. Jeepers. Might have stayed down there for this.