Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pastor visits Pagan Pride (again, and again, and again)

It is no secret that many of my friends are Pagans: Witches, Druids, Shaman and the like. This last weekend I skipped church because of them. Myself and three friends from church, and five more from other places joined me at the Eastern Massachusetts Pagan Pride Festival.

I taught a workshop, my friends interpreted dreams, and we made new and wonderful friends there. This is my 4th Pagan Pride event. I love the people, enjoy teaching there, enjoy helping others lead Dream Interpretation, and typically just revel in being places a Christian pastor is not expected to be.

During the closing ceremony I heard one person speak up in the ritual and say they hoped to encourage Christian-Pagan discussion. I wish I had seen who that was, because that has been a desire and activity of my own. It is time for the world's to meet and discover that God is making Himself present in all of our lives and working by the Spirit to touch us with His love. (Okay, I realize that I expressed that in the typical Christianese of a Patriarchal mindset - but hey, that's who I am. No apologies, no regrets on that one, and I am glad we can take one another exactly as we are.)

I taught a small group on the subject of Interpreting Spiritual Phenomena. There were a couple people who saw, spoke to, and regularly experienced ghosts, and we interpreted those experiences. In one case a girl had been haunted by a malevolent red-glowing eye at night in her room, and competing voices attempting to help her. As a group we spoke to her need to run to the place of safety, which is found in the gentleness of the God's Spirit.

Our team of interpreters, lead by John Harding, worked throughout the afternoon, and touched people's hearts in a significant way.

I know. A pastor going to Pagan events is weird. But, I am looking for weirdos who are willing to navigate this world, and work to generate a place of discussion for the Spirit of God to work between these worlds.


Cern said...

Good stuff Phil.

You and I have a similar search for Christians and Pagans who are interested in engaging in dialogue with each other. My remit has expanded to Pagans who are interested in dialogue with people from a wide variety of faith traditions. I wonder if the best way to find such people is to give them an opportunty to experience the dialogue. Taking yourself to Pagan Pride seems to be a good way to find Pagans interested. I'm hoping to get along to a Christian festival next year and hopefully I'll have similar results. :)

Well done that man. :)



Bruce said...

Good account there, glad you're able to stand in your place there.
Sometimes what people are looking for is someone who actually has faith in The God to just be there, unashamed and undefensive, owning their own weird Christianese with all its old school trappings. At least, I hope so, cause that's what I'm counting on.

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Mike,

Hoping to get to your neck of the woods in March. Suppose to be playing some gigs in Wales. I would love to network with the pagani of London when there if possible.

You are doing good work, and I appreciate you bro - and miss a lot.

Pastor Phil said...

Indeed Bruce, The Kingdom is made up of all kinds of people for the sake all kinds of people.