Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Only Two Weeks to Burning Man!

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My most current activity involves creating a large art installation at the Burning Man festival. This will be second year of this festival outreach. Currently, Christianity Today has a feature article about last year's project.

We successfully raised $8,000 on a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to build this year's installation, but that just scratches the surface of what it costs our team of 15 people to build Theophony: a large interactive musical instrument, which teaches lessons on spiritual disciplines. 13 artists from aroud the US have joined us to create 24 4'x8' murals for the walls. Engineers are working on the theremin (musical instrument) we are creating, and the lighting. Contractors, and carpenters are building our custom yurt, and we have a small team of boys who play with fire, who will help burn the thing down at the end.


If you would like to help make this project come to life, there is still time to give. We are in need of help getting the elements to the desert, and the 60,000+ people we hope to touch with the gentle goodness of God. You can still give through our paypal donation link on The Gathering Website.


Hevs said...

I read the article, and loved the photos, and reading your blog. I am creating church for spiritual seekers in Scotland. I am taking a team to the psychic fair this weekend, doing dreams, art and hand massage. Look forward to reading more!

Pastor Phil said...

Hevs, I've got some friends in Scotland doing the very thing you are planning to do. Blessings on your endeavors. Please connect with me on Facebook if you can, and we can swap stories and ideas.