Saturday, November 23, 2013

I've decided I want to be a Fundamentalist. Who's in? It's easier and gentler than you might think.

Join me on my website and find out why --> Why I want to be a Fundamentalist.

I think you will want to be a Fundamentalist too. (snicker, snicker)

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Steve Hayes said...

This is the comment that WordPress would not let me put on your other blog:

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Though Fundamentalists initially fought what they regarded as “modernism”, they accepted the presuppositions of modernint, and so tried to fight modernism with its own weapons. They find postmodernism more difficult to cope with because most of their weapons don’t work there.

When Fundamentalists write statements of faith (which they seem to like doing a lot, to see how other people stack up to their standards), they usually begin by saying what they believe about the Bible. What you say about the Bible is very important to Fundamentalists. But they miss the point. Either we decide about the Bible, or in the Bible Christ has decided about us. / credentials can be used.