Friday, January 19, 2007

Shah Shanked Seeks Redemption -

My friend Shah Afshar has started his blog, and is trying to figure his way around blogland. Visit his page on blogspot at ShahShankedRedemption.

Leave a comment to welcome him to blogland.

Shah will most definitely have something to say, and he will rock some big boats methinks.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the spotlight. I look forward to making Shah a regular read! I remember his son Todd from Camp Cedarcrest in Cal. back when I was a YP. Good times...

Pastor Phil said...

This must be Billy Calderwood? Say bro how's life on the warm coast?

Anonymous said...

Flippin Cold!!!! I was a retreat speaker last week at a camp only 30 min from "Sunny Santa Barbara" and it got down to 17 degrees at night. BTW, Until I visited his blog, I didn't realize that the Shah had been Shanked. Ugggggghhhh!!! What the heck?

Pastor Phil said...

Wow, we got you beat by 9 degrees tonight! I'm gonna run around naked in the warm 26ºF weather!

Sorry to give you the bad news through a link bro.

Shah's been a friend for about 20 years. Our church in Carlsbad, CA was the first Church in our denomination to invite him to come speak when he started pastoring the Iranian Congregation.

Anonymous said...

Bummer. I wanted to leave a message on his blog, but he doesn't allow annon messages and I don't really see me having a blog of my own as well as a website, messageboard and newsletter.

So Shah, hopefully you'll read this.... I have a bague recollection that you were due to sepak at The Gathering the week after Jules and I were last in Salem. I read the intro to what you were going to be talking about and thought 'how cool, bummer I won't be here'. Maybe we can do something about that in the future. In the meantime, I'll be reading your blog. :)