Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tagging? Isn't this what they do to bridges?

Jamie from More Than Stone tagged me with a question for which I will not have a sufficient answer.

What are my 5 favorite contemporary theology books? Darn I don't have 5 favorite contemporary theology books. Unless anything in the 20th century counts - maybe even the 19th century. Despite the fact I'm reading Armenius right now, here's my response which will probably only get to three:

"The Openness of God" by Clark Pinnock
"Four Views of God and Time" edited by Gregory Ganssle (and you have to read anything about God and Time by William Lane Craig)
"A Generous Orthodoxy" everybody is listing this one so do I have to name the author
"How (not) to Speak of God" by Pete Rollins

Sorry I only got to Four. I don't have a fifth in my head.

I think instead everybody ought to read "Orthodoxy" by Chesterton, and the works of Francis Schaeffer.

How's that for divergent reading?! Pinnock to Pink! Okay, Pink isn't in there, but Schaeffer, and Craig are.


Sally said...

You read all over the place too- excellent- agreed on the GK Chesterton- everyone should read Orthodoxy!

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Sally,

Perhaps even better, everyone should read "The Man Who was Thrusday".