Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SynchroBlog - PhotoBlogging this month

Tonight I will be posting my SynchroBlogfor this month. So, tonight and tomorrow check back. This month's topic is a photoblog. All the SynchroBloggers will be posting photos as this month's topic.

Here are others who have so far said that they would be joining this month's Photo-SynchroBlog: (some of them won't be active links until the Photo Blog is posted.)

Phil Wyman at Phil Wyman's Square No More
Jenelle D'Alessandro at Hello Said Jenelle
Billy Calderwood at Billy Calderwood
Sam Norton at Elizaphanian
Sally Coleman at Eternal Echoes
Mike Bursell at Mike's Musings
Julie Clawson at One Hand Clapping
Steve Hayes at Notes from the Underground
Sonja Andrews at Calacirian
David Fisher at Be the Revolution
Erin Word at Decompressing Faith
KW Leslie at The Evening of Kent
Paul Walker at Out of the Cocoon
Reba Baskett at In Reba's World


Sally said...

I think I'd call it "seamless"- , but it is also empty of fruit and goodness. task over?

Sally said...

I also picked up on the theme of love and posted this

Pastor Phil said...

Wow Sally,

Great interpretation!