Monday, June 09, 2008

Pentecost and the Way of the Shaman

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I wrote this article some time back, but it has been sitting in a competition pile, and made the cut of winners in the culture category at the website Jesus Manifesto. Go ahead and follow the link to read it, and even post a comment at Jesus Manifesto if you like it. Heck, post an article if you want to berate it.

direct link to full article


Steve Hayes said...

Congratulations, Phil!

cern said...

You've had some great comments on the article too. Good stuff. :)



Adam Gonnerman said...

I left a comment over there. Congrats! (on winning, not on me leaving a comment!) ;)

Anonymous said...

It is a lovely piece, Phil. Thanks for submitting it to the contest.

Love how you think and process!

Pastor Phil said...

Thanks all. It was a fun piece to write.

Anonymous said...