Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tomorrow's SynchroBlog on Green Spirituality

Tomorrow there are a small handful of us posting a SynchroBlog on Green Spirituality. The posts may not be up and running until Thursday afternoon, but here is the list as I have it so far of the other bloggers:

Is it All About the Green? by Phil Wyman
Rediscovering Humanity's Primal Commission by Adam Gonnerman
Turn or Burn? A New Liberal Hell? by Cobus van Wyngaard
Little Green Man by Sonja Andrews
Bashing SUV's for Jesus by David Fisher
Saints and Animals by Steve Hayes
When Christians Weasel Out of Their Environmental Responsibilities by KW Leslie
Green Christian Manifesto by Matt Stone
God So Loved by Sally Coleman


David said...

Hi Phil,
While I strongly disagree with your skepticism on climate change (to me it's as obvious as gravity and I have indeed heard both sides of the argument), I do appreciate that you have made choices to go green.

I also share your concern that those 'going green' may be future millionaires and are taking capital advantage of the worldwide concern.

Although I can't judge hearts and motives, when it comes down to it, I'd rather give them money than the oil companies whom I KNOW are concerned about the 'other' green.

After all, I hope I, and the countless of scientists who think climate change is real, are wrong. But I'd rather do what I can to help the planet and be wrong than continue to B.S. about it and doing and find out Al Gore was right and it's too late.

Which in my final argument with people who say they are unsure or don't believe in global warming, I respond by saying, "But isn't the responsible thing to take care of the earth anyway?"

I'm glad you do that.

But I could always say, "It's okay if you don't believe in global warming, it believes in you."

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Fish Man,

Now, just a second! Doesn't your last line sound like a bad evangelism technique?! ;-)

Which is one of the concerns I have about the whole global warming thing. I does tend to come off like a bad evangelism technique - more than a bit of fear mongering - maybe something like Y2K, or Jesus will return in 1988.

As we go greener and greener watch where the money trail goes. I'll bet a lot of it ends up in the same hands, and in the hands of big government also. (I am enough of a conservative to believe that big government is worse than big corporations, and so I am as leery of taxes as I am of rising costs of goods.)

Let's visit this dialogue again in 10 years - if it really takes even that long. :-)