Friday, May 21, 2010

Journeys from the Land of Jah (Chapter 7)

In this seventh chapter the Adventurer and his growing troupe of misfits and outcasts now numbering almost twenty souls return to the Land of Jah in hopes of finding homes for the children.  Both celebration and disappointment are the result of his return.  This episode is 10 minutes and 26 seconds long.

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A-Typical Sociologist said...

Excellent as the previous six. Its amazing how self-righteous people can be and not love children, but rather reject with cruelty.

Pastor Phil said...

Oh boy, how true Carlos. I sat with Geoff the Monk last night talking about some of his experiences in Iraq, and what he saw the foreign insurgents do to Iraqi children in the name of Allah. It was chilling.

Thanks for being a listener and a friend.