Sunday, May 16, 2010

Journeys from the Land of Jah

This is the first chapter of my missional tale.  I will be releasing these in storytelling oral tradition first, and as written tales later.

Journeys from the Land of Jah begins rather benignly and becomes more absurd as the tale continues.  If you feel that I am making fun of religion, just wait - I'll get to yours and make fun of it soon enough.  The fable is a long story of the journeys of an young bard who lives in a land where everyone believes just one thing.  He chooses to become an Adventurer and he comes in and out of the land of Jah in his journeys to other places where people believe other things.

I certainly don't have the quick wit, command of the English language, or adept social commentary of G. K. Chesterton, but the absurdity of these tales gathers some of its impetus and silliness from his brilliant fiction.

Here is Chapter 1 of Journeys from the Land of Jah - unedited and laid out in one sitting, which is how each of the following chapters will be done.  So far I have 7 chapters completed, and plans for another 5 more are in the works.  I foresee this becoming like the Canterbury Tales, but only in this sense:  certainly not because I am brilliant like Geoffrey Chaucer but because it will be long and still incomplete.  The potential for chapters is only limited by the number of crazy things we humans believe.

I have told some of these chapters at The Gathering, and in the evening service we have stopped at the end of each chapter to consider the story.  Do you find biblical allusions, or similarities to philosophies or belief systems in this tale?  If so, stop and consider it, or even listen with a friend and talk about it.  For now, here is chapter one, and the first part of the introduction to the greater tale called Journeys from the Land of Jah: a missional tale.

This episode is a little over 13 minutes long.

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