Friday, April 22, 2011

The Good Friday Revolution

Today the world's greatest revolution began. The overthrow of the power systems of this world were set in motion. Kingdoms shall fall, rulers shall fail, and all leaders shall be matched against the values of this revolution. In the end of times everything shall be stripped away except that which has been built upon the tenets of this revolutionary movement.

Horrifically, those who are key mediators of this revolution often do not understand its social and corporate ramifications, and as a consequence we build structures contradictory to the revolution itself. Today, Good Friday, is a day which calls us back to the dark beginnings of this revolution.

This revolution was founded in gentleness, and seeded in sacrifice. Its arrival was announced in parables spoken, and healings performed by the wandering Nazarene, but its full blown and violent genesis was paradoxically initiated in the loss, betrayal, death, and confusion of the cross.

Today the earth shakes beneath the kingdoms of this world, and the barriers between the clergy and laity are being ripped from above - by Heaven itself, and we are being called back to the revolution. In darkness we enter it, in hopes of emerging to the dawning of a new day.

Could this day mark both the beginning of the revolution and the end of the all our world's power systems? Will every nation, every denomination, and every corporation be judged and found wanting on the basis of this day? Will every person stand facing the call of accountability to the values of the cross of Christ? Is today both the beginning of the revolution and the end of it as well? Could it be that not only all our sins, but all the power structures of this world were slain at Calvary in some radical act of revolution?  Is this what He meant when He died and said, "It is finished?"

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Horizon said...

It is finished ---- we all just don't know it yet ---- life may just be the unfolding of knowing a little bit more what already is ....