Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Synchroblog on Living Under a Rock

So the Synchrobloggers live on, and this month I have finally rejoined the fray after threatening to do so for a number of months. This month the topic was about Christianity living under a rock. Nice! Rock on Synchies! Here's the list of the all the bloggers invovled:

Phil Wyman at Square No More –  Apocalyptic fervor spurs benevolent giving (oh, that's me)
Marta Layton at Marta’s Mathoms – Getting Out From Behind The Rock
Alan Knox at the assembling of the church – Living The Resurrected Life
Mike Victorino at  Simply A Night Owl – Crawling Out From Under A Rock
John Paul Todd at E4Unity - Still Asleep In the Light
Patrick Oden at Ravens – A Resurrection
Brambonius at Brambonius’ blog in english - hiding the Resurrection life like a candle under a bucket?
George Elerick at The Love Revolution – (for)getting the resurrection
Jeff Goins at Jeff Goins Writer – Resurrection
Tammy Carter at Blessing the Beloved – Rock and a Hard Place
Kathy Escobar at the carnival in my head – little miracles
Christen Hansel at Greener Grass – Resurrection Rhythm
Christine Sine at Godspace – Palm Sunday Is Coming But What Does It Mean
Matt Stone at Glocal Christianity – Living The Resurrection
Steve Hayes at Khanya – Descent into Hell and penal substitution
Bill Sahlman at Creative Reflections – Do We Live Under a Rock of Belief?

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