Sunday, February 11, 2007

Christian Sexuality Part 3

Sex Education in Church!?

Is there a place for the Church to speak to this sticky issue?


Traditional Christian sexual morality has become a laughing matter today. In a relatively short time, the societal view of "proper" sex has made the transition from being a sacred rite performed between a man and woman in marital covenant together, to a need or urge of the human body which may be fulfilled in whatever manner consenting adults may agree upon. For some this fulfilling of a need has a sacred beauty, for others it has become just another urge like the need for food or air.

With this transition in thinking about sex, it has become unthinkable in the minds of many to withhold sexual urges. After all, if sex is a need like eating is a need, sexual abstinence is an unhealthy practice. It is viewed as a kind of starvation, and should be dissuaded.

This opinion has driven society's response to Christian sexual mores. Virginity which was once honored, is now a joke. Faithfulness which was once commanded is now tolerated, but not always respected. Adultery which was once a crime now remains unmentioned in divorce precedings.

The changes in our society have been great, and the evolution of the sexual revolution is nearly complete. In light of this, we need to determine if there is a solid reason for the Born-Again, conservative Christian to hold on to the moral codes of the past. Are they relics of an oppressive era, or are they just as valid for spirituality, character development, and personal health as the Puritans thought they were? Is Christian sexuality a laughing matter, or is it a worthy lifestyle choice?


The founder of the Christian faith was a Teacher. Jesus' fame as a healer, and mystic, Who touched people with the hands of God is most notable. His place as a Teacher was equally as notable in the time He walked among humanity.

His teachings cover the topics of everyday life. He was questioned on taxes; spoke to the issues of marriage relationships, government oppression, business practices, and giving to the poor. Although His emphasis was preparing our hearts for acceptability before God, His teachings covered a variety of subjects with which we are all familiar. To Jesus, our actions are important, and are a mirror of the condition of our souls. His teachings show this concern. So it is, that the lead Teacher of the Christian faith has modeled a style of teaching which covers the basic issues of everyday life.

Sexuality certainly is a prime issue of everyday life today. No longer is it a subject discussed only on construction jobs, and back room card games. Sex is the topic of prime time TV, and school classrooms.


Some may argue that the church is an inappropriate institution from which to discuss this issue. The discussion of sexuality has been given to the fields of science in recent history. As a result, the dialogue has taken on the look of statistics and cold hard facts. I would contend that sexuality is integrated into the psyche of human beings more fully than we can comprehend. No issue raises our tensions, and emotions like sexuality. No issue enforces its power upon us, leaving us whimpering, or angry, or joyous like this issue of sexuality. It is a topic which still belongs to the poets, the mystics, and the philosophers, just as much as (if not more than) it belongs to the scientists.

The erotic fills the shelves of bookstores. From dimestore novels, to best sellers, to grocery store tabloids, we find sex selling our reading. The erotic also sells merchandise. It sells everything from cars, to cigarettes and sodas. The power of the erotic over the human mind has been well tapped.

This complete eroticism of the advertising world stands in stark contrast to the scientific approach toward sexuality. An attempt to define sexuality as urges, needs, and chemical reactions does not appear to explain the deep power which love and sex holds upon men and women.

Any serious learning institution must be willing to tackle the subject of sex. Sex is piped into our homes through the radio, TV and internet. We can not drive down the street, or listen to music without discovering sex. Any subject so pervasive in our lives must necessarily be discussed by the legitimate learning institution. If the Church refuses to address this issue, then she may as well surrender her role as a teacher, a guide, and an advocate to this sexually sophisticated generation. The Leader of the Christian Church modeled the teaching of everyday issues. So it is my contention that the church is an appropriate venue for the discussion of human sexuality.

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