Wednesday, February 14, 2007

El Rivera! Josh is Blogging Now

Now here's a crazy story:

Back in October this young man from a little town in central Florida called me. He wanted to know about ministry to Neo-Pagans, and how we dealt with the Witches of Salem. I suggested he come visit during October - well he did. Josh came for a week, and really liked it. He was seventeen at the time.

He called back after returning home, and said he wated to move up here after he turned eighteen. He turned eighteen about a month ago, and a week after he had his birthday, he was in a car riding from Florida to Salem with his dad.

So Josh is here in Salem now, and hanging with The Gathering. You can find out more about his story, his hopes, his dreams, his needs at Josh Rivera's new blog site.

He'll be joining our SynchroBloggers group, and I think you'll find him to be an intuitive, and intelligent guy. So pop over to his new blog, and say hi to Josh.

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