Monday, February 26, 2007

James Cameron Found Jesus!

So, this is where James Cameron says that Jesus is. In that box with his wife, Mary Magdalen, and a son named Judah.

I'm not sure this is what I expected when I went looking for Jesus. Check out the James Cameron coffin of Jesus story here


Webb Kline said...

It's sad that some folks struggle so with the faith thing. But, when you consider how much of Christendom sets an example by looking for Jesus in all the wrong places, what can one expect from others?

SDC's_Angel said...

His claims and "evidence" are quite a stretch. Are we sure this wasn't Michael Moore saying all this? Wait! Maybe Michael will do a documentary proving that he is a direct descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, thereby proving that he is the real Messiah spoken of in the Scriptures!

Just as plausible...time to open a bottle of champagne and celebrate these new-found facts! Boy, do I feel better now about a Hollywood director's discovery!

Pastor Phil said...

Hi Webb - hey Karen,

I think I see a movie coming on, maybe a sequel to The DaVinci Code. We could call it "God in a Box."

Adam Gonnerman said...

It will sell.

Wouldn't someone have noticed if Jesus hadn't really died, or if he had married and had a child, or if the body had been readily available to dispell rumors of resurrection.

Only the weak-minded will believe this goop.

Pastor Phil said...


And here I thought you were the direct descendant of Jesus. Darn, I'll have to develop a new theology now.

Anonymous said...

I've been told there is a DVD and a book of the documentary coming out of this. Well it's such a good money spinner. ;)

I wonder what the DNA specialist has used as his reference point for this. :)



Pastor Phil said...

Hey Mike,

I figure the reference point must come from the Shroud of Turin, or perhaps some blood from a sliver of the cross. Maybe even off the lip of the Holy Grail.

Anonymous said...

Yep, that would about do it for accurate scientific research....NOT. :D



MickyMcB said...

Hey Phil,

If they did a movie called "God in a Box", it would actually have to be about the church :)

Cameron's should probably be, "I want some of that DaVinci Money"

Anonymous said...

I don't see why it matters whether Jesus' body was/is in this box or not. My faith in God remains, and not because I stick up for the truth of Bible stories when science effectually proves those stories to be myth. (not saying that that's the case here) I found James Cameron's previous documentary on the possible scientific explanations behind the plagues of Exodus absolutely enthralling and very well done. (and that show, as well, was not meant to prove or disprove anything--it was a show of research and questions) I taped the documentary on the coffin last night, and I'm looking forward to watching it.

Pastor Phil said...


Let me know what you think after you've seen the video.