Sunday, February 11, 2007

A SynchroBlog on Love!

Here are the bloggers involved in this month's SynchroBlog. Monday, February 12th, and the subject is Love.

Christian Sexuality as Ritual Worship at Phil Wyman's Square No More
Christians: choosing who to love at Mike's Musings
Loving God, Loving others, loving self- responding to the Goddess- a feminist perspective at Eternal Echoes
Trinity by Mike Crockett
Prophet's Passion at Adam Gonnerman's Igneous Quill
A Love Supreme from Fernando's Desk
What is this thing called love? at Steve's Notes from the Underground
Love as it should pertain to us missionally? at Webb's Stumbling into the Kingdom
Divine Eros by Handmaid Leah
Loving the Other by John Smulo
The Conjunction Between Sensuality and Spirituality by Matt Stone
The Blogger Whom Jesus Loved at Jamie's More Than Stone
Love Them Patriots at Calacirian
I'm a better lover than I used to be... by Billy Calderwood
Young people in on love by Tim Abbot
The Art of Making Love....and Soap at Cindy's Tracking the Edge
Being Missional: Love Comes Before Power by David Fisher at Be the Revolution

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cindy said...

I'm posting on love too....also, I can't get the list to post right on my blog???