Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Beyond the Pall (Part 2) at Relevant

A previous post Beyond the Pall (Part 2): Standing Between the Worlds has been published at Relevant Magazine online, and just came up today - 5/2/07.

Here is the link to the article at Relevant.

The original without the editing is found here.

Check it out at Relevant, and leave a comment. I am hoping to create a series based upon my growing interaction with the Pagan community, and have a larger audience like the readers of Relevant follow it. I have presented the idea to the editors of Relevant, and they are willing to look at it an article at a time right now.


mark said...

I'm glad the editors like the idea so far, even if it is only an article at a time.. :)


Adam Gonnerman said...

I left a comment on the article. Glad this is getting some attention.

Pastor Phil said...

Adam and Mark,

Thanks. you guys rock.

Anonymous said...

I think it is really cool that the magazine is picking up on your commentaries Phil.

Being weird and entering with peace and love into communities that have traditionally been antagonistic to your own community is something that seems to get noticed. This is a case of getting some of the smooth after the rough that accompanies such experiences maybe. :)