Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Vampire Lynched?

Tell me it ain't so!

Is our world so superstitious that we lynch little old ladies, because they look and act strange. Do their peculiar behaviors become a reason for accusing them of unimaginable evils, simply because we can not understand them?

Of course Christians in a Christian nation would never become superstitious and do strange things would we?

Hmmm...what are these interesting items?

Guidance for Human Service Workers
A Free Guide to Get Rid of Those Demons Inside You

Could it be that there is superstition in Christianity? What do you think?


Adam Gonnerman said...


This is SO complicated...but then, you seem to have a thing for complicated issues....

When I went to Brazil the first time I was witness to things that convinced me of demon possession. Then, at the Church of Christ college I attended, I was convinced that my eyes and ears had deceived me. It was purely psychological. Somehow, illogically, demon possession was believed to be only a first-century problem.

I'm not convinced that every mental disorder is demon possession, or that it is very easy to become demon possessed, but I can't deny that it happens without denying Scripture.

Some Christians spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME studying this topic, while other foolishly ignore it altogether.

I'm gonna have to post on this....

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Adam,

I certainly believe demon possession happens, but the extremes people take it to are absurd. I'm not sure books on Guidance for Service Workers is going to help, and I am most certainly against lynching little old ladies - even if they are demonized. I might read up on that free guide to rid myself of demons - maybe life will get easier. ;-)

Anonymous said...

the free guide made me laugh "have you got a bad temper - that's a demon, do you have bad thoughts - that's a demon".. err yeah, i'm alive & breathing - or is that a demon too? wouldn't life be easy (dull even?) if all the bad stuff was demons... cast em all out and no longer have to deny self, take up our cross, forgive, make godly choices. as for lynching old women, even if they smell of wee ;) it's sick & wrong & anti-Christ (as in, anti what I believe Christ was about...)
Good post, pastor Phil. Thanks

Anonymous said...

that's sick, just have hope that the majority of Christians really aren't that superstitious.

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Caz,

anti-what I believe Christ was about - cool quote.

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Justin,

It is my hope that we break even the smallest superstitions in the Christian heart, but that may only happen when the hay, wood, and stubble enter the toaster oven.

Anonymous said...

yeah, very true. heck even i am superstitious and i admit it, but i'm working on it.

mark said...

I see you found demonbusters.. LOL
those folks have issues, man...
serious ones.

Seriously, I have met christians like that, sometimes you can talk to them and reason with them. Unfortunately I have found many that refused to hear anything contrary to their superstitions.