Thursday, May 17, 2007

Post SynchroBlog Post - Getting the Most Out of Your SynchroBlog

Just a few thoughts on the backside of our SynchroBlog on Christianity and Film:

First off kudos to Steve Hayes who came up with this month's topic, and generated the interest - even among some people who had not been part of a SynchroBlog for awhile, or had not been participants before. Which leads me to welcome, and say thanks to:

Cobus van Wyngaard, Lance Cummings, and Dr. Kim Paffenroth; and welcome back for this one time Blog-brilliance to John Morehead.

Then I found someone Synching who I didn't even know was doing it until afterwards. And it was a killer post! So, thanks for hopping in Rev. Sam.

I have found that over each of the SynchroBlogs we have done since this started in December, I have seen a spike in the number of visitors to my blog on the day the Synchroblog runs which has been anywhere from double to triple the average daily visitor count, and following each SynchroBlog I have seen a slight increase in daily readership as well. So, for you SynchroBloggers, here are my suggestions for getting a little more traffic: 1) Get on the list early so the other Synchies know you're coming. 2) Post a little earlier than the expected time of release - maybe the evening before. If someone else posts early, the traffic coming from their site will find you up and running, and they'll stick around. 4) If you have some sort of mailing list, send out a bulletin about the SynchroBlog release, and give some information about the topic. 5) I keep my SynchroBlog up all day before I post another topic so people find it easily. 6) I respond to the people making comments on my blog by commenting back to them. 7) You might want to add "SynchroBlog" as a tag/label as well, especially if you are hooked up with Technorati.

So that's my way of Synching up with each of you.

My interest in getting this going was believing that we had something to say, and that we could get more people to read our deep wisdom (dislocating arm by patting myself on the back) with some coordination. Plus I can relate to Pinky and The Brain - "What are we going to do today?" "Take over the world."

Here's my list of surprising moments in the SynchroBlog for May: Dang! I was sure that Jenelle was a professional film critic with her observations on Dancer in the Dark. I had no clue that someone knew as much about Buffy: The Vampire Slayer as Steve Hollinghurst. Marieke gets the bravery award for suggesting that Jesus loves Borat in a very cool post - this just might get the postmodern/emergent nod of the day as well. For being able to pull allegorical content out of movies in a way I just can not do, I have to give some serious kudos to Sonja for The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, and to Adam's work on Spiderman. Greatest Surprise? Someone else loves Babylon 5! Yeah David. You rock!

SynchroBloggers, did you have some favorites this time around? Perhaps you want to respond with a post on your Blog.


Marieke said...

Thanks Phil! I'm really glad that I got some good feedback on my post. I was a little hesitate to post it but I'm glad I did.

I haven't read all the synchroblogs yet, but now that I'm done with finals (yay!) I have some more time.

zaque said...

I know this is off-topic, but my mother-in-law (a witch) finally commented on the post I wrote about you. Anyway, she addressed you in the comment, thought you would like to read. Her Comment

Pastor Phil said...

Marieke, I'm glad you posted it. It was a really insightful, and edgy post. Everything I like!

Pastor Phil said...

Zack-attack! I'm poppin' over now.