Friday, May 11, 2007

Dang! I want to see the Check!

Okay, I'm not sure how they rate dollars to technorati rating, but I look pretty decent for all this blog work, and that's only this site. It doesn't include The Church Site, or The Why Man.

So here's what Dane Carlson's Site says the value of my blog is:

My blog is worth $49,114.98.
How much is your blog worth?

Go to How Much is Your Blog Worth?.

I found this on Beyond the 4 Walls.


Agent B said...

Damn. It says my blog is worth a goat and two chickens.

That's really something in Tanzania, I guess...

mark said...


I don't even rate the goat...


Pastor Phil said...

I noticed that it read zero if I put the http:// in the front of the address. But if I started after that I got a number.

Adam Gonnerman said...

It said Igneous Quill is worth over $44,000. I tried one of my lesser-known blogs, one in Portuguese, and it was only worth around $500.

So, when, where and how can I cash in?

David said...

So, with my blog, it says they are sending a bill for the electricity I charged to link to this site!
(okay, it was 0)
But my wifes was over $42,000!
I think this is going to make her feel very happy today! haha

Just remember, "What blog would Jesus read" WBWJR

Pastor Phil said...

WBWJR? Wow, not mine I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Mine was supposedly valued at about 33 grand. I haven't seen a check yet.