Tuesday, March 20, 2007

First day of Spring in Salem, MA

Well, this is what the first day of Spring looks like in my yard here in Salem, MA.

A few weeks ago in mid-February the daffodils were poking their green heads above the ground, and teasing us with a promise of an early Spring. The neighbors suggested that perhaps we we were going to have a short winter. Yeah right.

What's your first day of Spring (or Fall for you at the bottom side of the world) look like?


Adam Gonnerman said...

I'm getting basically the same weather here in NJ that you are getting in Salem. Stinks. Today it's warmer, though.

One nice thing is that I was able to build snow forts and have a snowball fight with my kids this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Happy Ostara, Phil and Bev!

Anonymous said...

Well we had quite a dramatic hail storm followed by some snow flurries over here in London. I think European summer time begins at the weekend though, so we have a few days yet to go. :)



Sally said...

Hail and snow storms over here Phil- but last week we had a BBQ in the garden- wonderful and mad weather!!!!

Uncle Les said...

I would have put a picture of the first day of Autumn on my blog but the sun was too glaring!



Webb Kline said...

Not much different down here in PA, Phil. Is it just me or does this suck? Worse, I stepped out of my truck into the fresh snow only to discover the very hard way that there was a solid sheet of ice underneath. I'm one hurtin' pup. :(