Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The SynchroBlogger List for March 14th

Seek God: Avoid Prelest at Hand Maid Leah
Can prayer be an example of Alternate Conciousness? at Eternal Echoes
Better Than I Was [at times], Not Better Than You Are by Mike of Earthsea
Stone's Pentecost at Adam Gonnerman's Igneous Quill
Consciousness of the absurd and the absurdity of
at Steve's Notes from the Underground
The Unconscious Christian by Matt Stone
Hypnochristians at Jamie's More Than Stone
The extreme consciousness of the Spirit by Les Chatwin
The Spirit of the Lord is upon me at Mike's Musings
The Truth About Reality by David Fisher at Be the Revolution
Trying to play along here at Cindy's Tracking the Edge

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