Thursday, March 29, 2007

God Bless Brother Maynard (Whoever the heck Brother Maynard is)

So here I was minding my own business, having a bit more of the Jobian experience the last few years have brought. I was dealing with a couple funerals - one in the family, one of a friend, and then coming down with this nasty sickness which is beginning to feel like pneumonia.

There was a break in the trouble with a really great show at the church which I played the other night. People actually showed up, and we raised some fair money for The Vault, despite not being able to do the publicity, or the practice I needed to do for the two week's previous. But it worked out great.

So I did everthing possible during that time to make sure my blog would receive fewer hits, and drop in the technorati ratings. I ignored the blog and posted nothing for a week. I anticipated 20% fewer hits, and my technorati rating droping from 70,000 to about 90,000. Instead upon my return yesterday, what did I discover? My hits were up, and my technorati rating went up to 55,000. What the heck happened?!

What happened was some guy named Brother Maynard. He was working hard to ruin my plans for obscurity. This guy Brother Maynard came along with some idea calling attention to under-rated, under-priviledged emergent church bloggers. Now ol' Brother Maynard did not put me on his short list of the under-rated group, but shortly after someone did. I am not sure who yet, I think it might have been Webb ol' buddy ol' pal.

So here's my list, and I'm still sick, and sweating a bit right now, so I will add just one to the bottom, and maybe come back later. But I had to get Johnny Beloved in there.

So here's to Brother Maynard. Whoever the heck Brother Maynard is - God bless you Brother Maynard. I am picturing you wearing monk robes.

Oh, and I got my list from Emerging in Ludlow.

The Blind Beggar
Emerging Grace
Nathan Colquhoun
John Smulo
Todd Hiestand
Chuck Warnock
John Lunt
Webb Kline
Mark Wilson
Rick Meigs
Brother Maynard
Glenn Hager
Paul Mayers
Jamie Swann
Paul Walker
Jerry Frear
Phil Wyman
Matt Stone
Erika Haub
John Santic
Colin Lamm
Julie Clawson
Phil Johnson
Andii Bowsher
John Moorehead
Paul Fromont & Alan Jamieson
Tom Allen
Karen Ward
Malcolm Chamberlain
Adam Moore
Cheryl Lawrie
Mark Berry
Brushed Blog (Andy)
Emerging in Ludlow (David Bole)
hold : this space
Jim Palmer
Andrew Dowsett
Justin Groves
Zach at Johnny Beloved


Steve Hayes said...

Never mind Brother Maynard -- where the heck is Ludlow?

Anonymous said...

Thought I heard my name... and thanks for the blessings, I'll take 'em.

I feel a bit like I've unleashed a virus upon the blogosphere without realizing just what I've done! But it continues to circulate, and the list keeps growing with new people I didn't know were out there. I told someone the other day that at first it was all people I knew about, but then it exploded and there were all kinds of people added to the list that I'd never heard of before.

I was hoping to uncover some of the grassroots of the emerging/missional church, people who aren't A-list in that conversation, and that in giving a bit of exposure and link love to their blogs, we could all start to see what was going on elsewhere and hopefully start to develop new connections between ourselves.

I think it'll have that effect, which is great. But now that the meme is out in the wild, if we ever wanted do, how would we stop this crazy train?

Ah, maybe it's becoming a Kingdom analogy of its own. ;^)

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Steve,

I think Ludlow in in South Africa somewhere. No, no, that would be you. You could check out California, or you could look in South Dakota, Kentucky, Maine, Vermont, Illinois, Massachusetts, or the "birthplace of public relations" Ludlow, Colorado, but I have a feeling it's a Welsh border town in Shropshire.

Pastor Phil said...


The infamous Brother Maaynard has blessed my blog with his monk robed presence.

Thanks for popping in Bro. I really like what has happened with your fun little plan. Isn' it nice when it's bigger than you had expected?

Steve Hayes said...

Ah yes, NOW I remember where I've heard of Ludlow before - in Phil Rickman's novels. Hey, this is getting spooky!

Webb Kline said...

Phil, who me? ;~}

Pastor Phil said...


Yep. I think it muust be.

cern said...




zaque said...

I don't know if I fit the definition, but thank you sir.

Pastor Phil said...

Hey ZZZZak

If I can make the list, so can you. ;-)