Thursday, March 22, 2007

Separate Bedrooms - I don't get it.

Maybe Bev and I don't snore loud enough, but this piece of news, also here is slightly outside my reference point. I know Lucy and Ricky had separate beds - but separate bedrooms?

Okay maybe you have separate bedrooms, and it makes sense. If so, tell me how it works?


cern said...

Yep, Jules and I sleep in seperate rooms as a general rule. Jules is an incredibly light sleeper.... she calls herself an insomniac and I don't think that is far from the truth. Aparently I snore a little and even through her ear plugs, the sligtest noise will wake Jules. So we sleep in seperate rooms.

Of course, we've both been guilty of the sending email messages until way after midnight. :D

We used to worry about it affecting our marriage. But it doesn't seem to have any ill effects and Jules manages to get a good nights sleep. :)



Mike Murrow said...

separate rooms? not me. i want a separate house. ideally i she would come around on tuesdays, wednesdays, and fridays - maybe on sundays.

really, i think i only want to be married three days a week.

hmmm, maybe that is why i am not married.

nothing against women. i am just really selfish and like "me" time.

Jamie said...

Oh Phil, how timely. My eldest daughter moved out and I've taken to sleeping in her room. I've not officially "moved out" of our bedroom, but I do sleep elsewhere every night. My husband and I laughed and said we both felt "guilty" about this, but it works. Sex aside, beds are for sleeping, which we BOTH do much better in separate beds. He snores, I flail. I don't know if this is a permanent thing, but it seems to be working for right now.

Pastor Phil said...

Wow! I'm desparately outnumbered. It must be a growing international phenomenon, and the latest cool fad. I feel so behind the times.

Jenelle said...

When I get married, the boy better love to sleep right next to me in the same bed. That's all I've got to say!

cern said...

'Wow! I'm desparately outnumbered. It must be a growing international phenomenon, and the latest cool fad. I feel so behind the times.'

Hey, but being behind the times can be cool. :)



Pastor Phil said...

Otherwise he'll be sleeping the corner - of the boxing ring! Yeah go Jenelle!

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Mike,

I've always thought I should have been born in another century 300-600AD perhaps.

Adam Gonnerman said...

My father passed away over two years ago, but during the last decade or so of his life he and my mother slept in separate bedrooms. At first I (the youngest and last to live at home) was told not to tell one of my more sensitive brothers about it. Nothing was wrong with their marriage, it's just that Dad's snoring had gotten to the point of sounding like a lumber mill working at full tilt.

My wife and I share the same bed, BTW.

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Adam,

Those are the stories which tug at the heart strings about this issue. Thanks for sharing. I won't tell your older brother.

Bruce said...

I have always thought that having sex with one's wife/husband was a Biblical imperative, non-negotiable, because of I Corinthians 7. And part of having some backbone is being willing to love your wife in truth even when things are iffy, both spiritually and physically. Paul *does* allow for people to be separated if they get mean to each other, but other than that, they normally need to have sex, in addition to *being allowed to* have sex.

One small note: central heating. Do y'all want to live *anywhere* without central heating and without someone to help keep warm by? Yuk. Brrr.

Then again, the middle east people in the Bible often had separate tents for the husband and wife each. Go figure.

Pastor Phil said...

Hy Bruce,

In California central heating was not an issue. If we turned it on it was only a few times each winter. We needed central air. So maybe hot climate people tend to move out of the bed more quicklly.

Webb Kline said...

Who needs a bed for sex? ;-)

Mike Murrow said...

"who needs a bed for sex?"


i wasn't saying we would reject the "biblical imperative to have sex"

we would have it on the nights that she stayed over.

there is a biblical imperative to have sex with your wife? really? cool.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I occasionally will sleep in separate rooms for a short span....that is until one of the kids get to feeling better. It happens only when one of the kiddos is sick. When they aren't feeling good, they want to sleep with mommy and being the good daddy I am, I oblige. :) Perhaps this is in preparation for years down the road when we actually do want to sleep in separate rooms. :)

Anonymous said...

hmmm...well the wife and I have to be touching one another all night long. We got rid of the queen size bed becauae it separated us too much.

IF we end up in a twin for some reason that's fine, we sleep like spoons all night.


Adam Gonnerman said...

My older brother eventually found out and was okay with it. Mom and Dad were very happy with the setup. He had his room, and she had hers. He'd do his chores (he was a farmer) and in his free time read A LOT in that room. It seemed to be a good situation.

Sally said...

just browsed on by Phil- and I am amazed by the number married folk who sleep in seperate bedrooms... not for Tim and I , I really miss him if he is away, even for a few days- pillows don't make good snuggle companions!

Anonymous said...

No trouble sleepin here and we've got just a full size. My cat wakes me up if anyone.

Pastor Phil said...


I'm with you. A pillow is a sad comforter.

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Carl,

Full-sized bed couples unite! us too.