Monday, March 12, 2007

SynchroBlog on Alternate Consciousness from a Christian Perspective

We are releasing SynchroBlog #4 in two days. Americans - post it Tuesday Evening if you can. The Subject is Alternate Consciousness from a Christian Perspective. There will be a blog on sleep, another on the absurdity of Consciousness, one from down under on Unconscious Christians, and one on Extreme Consciousness.

I will be blogging on visions given to non-Christian Native Americans, and the similarity they hold to the Apocalyptic literature of scripture, and in this challenge the typical ideas of meditation from an evangelical perspective.

So hold on to your seats, and get ready for Tuesday evening/Wednesday's release of SynchroBlog #4. SynchroBloggers - if you have not sent me a title, and the blog site you will be posting on, send it before Tuesday night. I will send the code to post on your site with links to all the other SynchroBloggers.

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Sally said...

Got my title : Can prayer be an example of Alternate Conciousness?

Adam Gonnerman said...

I'm not sure it's what you're looking for, but mine will be on the pentecostal experience early in my movement of churches and how it was lost. This may read like a spirit thing to some, but the "altered states" share similarities with later pentecostalism. Tentative title is "Stone's Pentecost."

Steve Hayes said...

Australia posted first, but should have been last, methinks :-)

Anonymous said...

Cool. I'll look forward to reading that. Obviously it will be interesting to see Christian comments on altered consciousness from my perspective of a shamanic altered state of consciusness. :)



Sally said...

already posted here is the twins 18th Birthday tomorrow- me-thinks I shall be busy!!!!