Thursday, December 21, 2006

Day of Penance Would be a Start

A day of penance would be a good starting place. For two years the priest abuse scandals were on the front page of newspapers here in the Boston area. The Pope listened to a message from his personal preacher calling for a day of penance from the church. See story here

This would be a good beginning. Apologies make for some of the best apologetics in the church today. Some things are not defensible. They are only redeemable through repentance and reconciliation. Some people may never make the turn to forgiving the institution for this scandal. Some may never enter a church again. But, some will hear the words asking for forgiveness, and find their way to a pew somewhere.

I am thankful that God does not live in a church, and that he can meet us whereever we sit.


jazztheo said...

"personal preacher." Where can I get me one of those!

seriously, a day of penance...Lord have mercy...Christ have mercy...


Pastor Phil said...

You just need more money. Then you can pay your personal preacher to tell you whatever you want to hear.