Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Teaching Kids to Go on Bloody Crusades: Christian Warfare for Christmas

Raise a little Constantine! Your kids can learn to conquer little Pagan children by the sign of the cross, and this Christmas is the time to give them the skills. Step over deTorquemada! Here comes the end time fighting crew!

You might not be able to get this video game at WalMart this Christmas, but your local Christian Book Dealer will certainly help you out.

Even if your kids are Left Behind, they will at least be ready to wipe out the heathen hordes. Of course, your children could pray for people and make special 'spirit points,' but what little boy wouldn't want join the anti-christ side just to shoot a gun?

Yep, this is my idea of discipling little kids. I really want to raise a little "Hellraiser."


Anonymous said...

Yuo know if you're not careful you're going to bruise your cheek. :D



Pastor Phil said...

I've worn a hole in it.

I am amazed at the strange things which occur in Christian circles due to our bizarre insistance that God is fighting (literally) on our behalf, instead of making "peace on earth, goodwill toward men."

Sure there is a time when the Bible speaks of judgment, but we live by another spirit. Like James and John, the church does not know "what spirit [we] are of."

Marieke said...

So wrong...on so many levels.

It is perpetuatating a lot of (bad) stereotypes too.