Saturday, December 16, 2006

My Favorite Blogs This Month

I just have to give kudos for my Blogs o' de month. So here we go. I am only going to announce two of them based upon something which captured my attention, challenged me, or made me laugh. So here they are...drum roll please...

  • Matt Stone's Eclectic Itchings

  • Matt gets the nod for his links to Televangelists stuff from YouTube - especially the spot from Chaser's Team. Thanks for the laugh Matt. Chaser's War on Television Evangelists

  • Philip Johnson's Deep Missiology

  • Phil gets the mention for his unbelievable side bar. Jeepers who has the time to compile that many links to so many apologetic sights? I'm glad somebody does, because it is a great resource. Thanks Phil - may you be inundated with people from alternative religious backgrounds! May the cults find your door! and a spot next to you at the coffee shop.

    There are too many of you blessed bloggers to mention, so next month I do it again.

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