Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Neturei Karta: Apolitical Orthodox Rabbi's

Wow, this story blows my mind. Orthodox Rabbi's at an anti-holocaust gathering, because they believe that the establishment of the Jewish state (Zionism) is contrary to the Talmud.

On one hand they look like Emergent Rabbi's from their political position. On the other hand they view Zionists as heretics. Gee Judaism has the same struggles as Christianity. Zions and Rabbis and Heretics - oh my!


Marieke said...

Wow, that is pretty crazy.

My husband's family is Jewish (Reform) and it's interesting to be learning more about Judaism from an "inside" perspective, particularly from their pretty liberal perspective.

The contempt that I hear from them towards extreme Orthodox (even non-extreme Orthodox) sounds so familiar to the contempt I hear coming out of Christians' mouths (including my own at times) towards other Christian factions.

It really does span all religions.

It is interesting how you found similarities between Emergent pastors and these Rabbis. They are certainly pushing the envelope of what's been "traditional" thought (and practically became doctrine) within Judaism.

Pastor Phil said...

It was interesting to me that they were similar in political aproach - politically apolitical, yet intensely sectarian at the same time.

It makes me wonder how closely that potential lies to my own heart, and to the heart if all "reformers" or as we call ourselves "emergers."