Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Genius at Work!

Carlos came over and made "Curry in a Hurry." I made some saffron sauce to go over cauliflower, and Bev joined in with a angle hair pasta and pistachio honey nest dessert.

Franko came over, we discussed world peace (because that's Franko's deepest passion). We discussed pantheism, and monotheism with points of whether a relationship with God entailed an experience with "other," or realization of already being one. Carlos and I talked politics, and Carlos is a smart guy politically - he used to work in D.C. He doesn't like Newt, but I do, and that makes me a strange minority. I wonder if I can get any special privileges for liking Newt Gingrich? Maybe a job where they need to fill a quota, because they don't have anyone who likes newt Gingrich in Massachusetts.

Oral was sick, so he and Peter didn't make it.

We were really happy that Franko made it, because I couldn't contact him, and I had to leave a sign in front of the church. It said, "Merry Christmas Franko - call me - Phil and Bev.

He called. He came. We had a good time.

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