Saturday, December 09, 2006

What's so Spiritual about Warfare?

Yes it is true. I am a Pentecostal boy - sorta, kinda.

The idea for the movie Jesus Camp creeps me out, but I have a feeling that I will like the movie when I see it. I think that I will be certain that all Pentecostals should see it. It might give us an idea of how we look to the world around us.

The concepts of Spiritual Warfare are presented in the movie, and we are allowed to see ourselves through the eyes of others. The strangeness of it all captures my heart, because it is here where we establish many of our Christian superstitions. I do wonder what is so spiritual about war.

I have recently been questioned, and presented with the traditional Pentecostal ideas of spiritual warfare from a few different avenues, and thought I should write about it. Besides my new buddyJohn Smulo is writing about it too.

So here are my first thoughts about spiritual warfare in Salem, MA where I live.

1. Yes there are demons causing trouble for the saints. The spiritual realm is not benign. It is malignant often.
2. Demons may hang out in Witchcraft shops, but I'll bet there are more in many churches.
3. I will not assume every little difficulty which comes my way is demonic.
4. If a curse comes my way Jesus told me to bless in return.
5. Don't curse things, cursing is not my job.
6. Love people, seek to serve them.
7. Draw near to God.
8. Stay Simple.

Sure there's more, but that's all I can think of this late.

oh yeah - I've got a really cool big sword. The church gave it to me. They are even cooler than the sword. Cymru am byth! and all that.


Shiloh Guy said...


I would love to have an ongoing conversation on this subject. I think there is a huge misunderstanding of biblical teaching on this subject. For some reason, in the providence of God, I began to encounter demonic activity very early in my ministry, over 30 years ago, when very few people seemed to know anything about it. (My upbringing in fundamentalist evangelicalism sure didn't prepare me for it!) I was puzzled that such experiences were being brought me way. Why me? Then about 17 years ago I began traveling to India for teaching and preaching ministries and what I saw there really opened my eyes!

Anyway, what passes for spiritual warfare here and now seems miles away from what I read in scripture. I like what you've written but I think you've only cracked the door open for us. Let's hear some more!

Dave Moorhead

Jenelle said...

I agree. More! The simple 8 you came up with are fantastic. I think you should put #2 in bold! The simplicity of blessing people in Jesus name return for cursing (or them just being plain mean-o's) is way more powerful than magic.