Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Is This Where Emergent Comes From?

"Marijuana" pizza shop
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A study in the UK suggests that half of all young dope smokers are experiencing blackouts, and/or paranoia.

Uh-oh. I'll bet that most of the Emergent Church gang inhaled when younger. Us old timers who are into emerging are probably emerging from the haze days only to find that things are just as freaky as when we were younger and still freaking, and I know a few younger emergent people sitting at the NORML tables at festivals. Does that mean that most of us are deluded? Is this how we believe that we are hearing from God?

We might want to rethink what we think is NORML - uh, I mean normal.

Consider this a further note on Spiritual Warfare. ;-) Dope on the brain may make you paranoid. Of course, perfect love does cast out paranoia - right?

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