Saturday, December 23, 2006

I've Been Tagged by JJ the Smu!

John Smulo (whom I now know prefers to be called JJ - though I probaby haven't known him long enough to attach such personal nomenclature) has tagged me. I now must share five things you don't know about me. I am sure this will cause me to be seen for the strange subset of homosapien which makes up Philip Kevin Wyman (and most of you just learned something you did not know - my full name, though I will not count that in the five things. So you have just received a freebie!)

1. I was not born with the name Wyman. I was born to the name Ward, but I've never met my birth papa. I guess he was a world class figure skater who trained olympic ice dancing skaters. Robert Roy Wyman adopted me when he married my mom when I was two. He's the only dad I know, and he has the most relaxed friendly personality of anybody in the world. I guess that happens when you have a little bit of South Dakota, and a little bit of California in you like he does.

2. I walk around the edge of the perfume section in department stores because they make my eyes sting, and my nose burn. In fact I rub my eyes if I walk into a WalMart, or a K-Mart too.

3. I may never want to move back home to Southern California where I was born, because I am so happy not to live with allergies 9 months out of the year.

4. Little creatures make me happy. I caught a young possum under our sink a couple years ago, and that made me really happy. I was trying to discover if possums were tameabIe, because he kept coming back to the house. I am always happy to find a snake, and I catch them and show them to people who don't like snakes. I catch moths in the house, and open the door to let them out instead of killing them. Sometimes I talk to them too. I do this with most bugs, and I try to use traps which don't kill mice, because mice are so cute, but my wife is a farm girl, and just wants to get rid of these pests. Spiders don't always get the same treatment, so I guess I have a terrible prejudice against spiders.

5. I feel really bad for being a monoglot American, and I am working on changing that slowly. Cymru am byth! (special links to your blog for the first person to translate that!)

So does this mean I have to tag five others? Dang I haven't blogged long enough to know people who probably haven't been tagged. Okay but I'll try. So here's the tag to Carl, Mike, Steve, Zachary Forrest y Salazar "Johnny the Beloved", and Jenelle.

You're it!

JJ the Smu was the first to figure out "Cymru am byth!"


Anonymous said...


Allergies in southern California?!?! I didn't know it caused allergies there for people. It never did for me.

On the other hand, I was allergic to all kinds of things in Australia and Sacramento is even worse!

Wales Forever!

Pastor Phil said...

I had allergies severely for 9 months out of the year in the North San Diego County area. I seldom have any in Salem, and never in Wales!

Steve Hayes said...

I found this rather difficult to do, but I've responded on my LiveJournal

Pastor Phil said...

Thanks for being a champ Steve!

Anonymous said...

so what does it mean?!

Pastor Phil said...

Hey Carl,

It means you have to tell five things people don't know about you on your blog. And pass it on to tag a few other bloggers as well. :-)